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A Waterfall Visual for Microsoft Power BI

Build fast.
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Create great waterfall charts and experience a whole new way to explore and make dynamic comparisons in your data.

What's included in our visual?

Many Features to Make You Happy.

Beneath a variety of visualizations and special attention to waterfall charts, we offer you interactivity, exploration and consistent visual formatting packed with sensible animations and a modern user interface. All included in a single product.

Dynamic Navigation

Exploration out of the box

We introduce a new concept of navigating your data. Our Drill Down History allows you to combine separate drill downs, which enables great dynamic comparison capabilities.
Available automatically - no configuration required!

Useful Tools

Great Interactivity

We included many interactivity features, that help you to inspect your data. Never get lost with our Undo/Redo functionality, switch to other visualizations anytime and more. Everything is available to your report audience as well.

Appeal to your audience

Modern User Interface

We offer an accessible interface and embrace animations. Let your audience adjust the visualization at any time as needed. Let sensible animations guide the eye of your viewer.


Care for consistent formatting?

Our visuals are influenced by the recommendations of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). Keep your reports clear and comprehensible.

Flexible Views

A Variety of Visualizations

Have your choice of multiple chart types and switch between them anytime. All in one visual.

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