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Features – Exploration

Exploration out of the box

We introduce a new concept with Innofalls: Navigation instead of configuration. With our drill down history you can navigate your data and pick distinct data elements. Use this to set up your waterfall to the desired view - or let your audience explore their data in a self-service manner.


Drill Down History

When you make a drill down one level deeper, we keep the elements of previous level visible. This allows you to quickly choose another drill path - or combine them!

The drill down history can be hidden anytime, of course.


Combine Drill Downs

When selecting multiple elements in our drill down history, Innofalls builds a waterfall chart showing the deltas of the selected elements. Any combination is possible. Even multiple elements.

(Just remember to hold down CTRL when selecting additional elements.)

Ad-Hoc deviations

Dynamic Deviation Charts

The elements in our Drill Down History show a little calculation symbol. Press it and we immediatly add a deviation chart, showing the difference between the data shown and your selection. A great tool to compare multiple elements!

Go Deeper

Expand Elements

All elements can be expanded in place - to show child elements without a drill down. This can be repeated as deep as you like. Open up the tree!