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Features – Interactivity

Interactivity at your Fingertips

Data never presents itself as you predict. In order to keep an overview of every data situation, we provide you with valuable tools.

Keep your perspective

Power BI Highlighting

When you make a selection in another visualization, we highlight these values as Power BI does - and keep the original data to compare.
We put your highlights into perspective!

Who doesn't love it

Undo / Redo

What did I just look at again?
If you have asked yourself the same question in the past, our Undo / Redo function will help you. Also, if you accidentially clicked somewhere, this will come in handy.

Or just go back to where you have been.

Those tiny values


Sometimes waterfall charts are hard to read because the delta values are so small. Use our zoom which automatically determines the right range - or adjust it to your desire.

Get different views

Change Chart Types Anytime

You can always switch to (stacked) bar or column charts, when you wish to inspect the underlying data. Or have your choice of absolute, percentage and waterfall visualization for your deviation charts. Whatever fits best!